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Scarf Yourself DIY!

No secret… I like scarves. From silky and colorful to bulky and monochromatic, I have them all. They can easily dress up a simple outfit or give you an pop of color. They keep you warm on a cold day. The greatest thing is that there are not rules to scarves. Including making your own! Here’s a little Scarf DIY idea you can easily do.


STEP 1: Go to the fabric store and pick a cool fabric. One morning last week I had a few extra minutes before going to work so I stopped at a fabric store on my way to the RTM studio. I thought that I could make a new scarf if I found a cool roll of fabric.

Fabril Rolls

I didn’t find anything that I liked and, feeling defeated, I headed straight for the door. Just then, as I walked down the isle leading to the door I noticed a pile of remnants and… BINGO!


Right on top was a light blue remnant. The texture was very silky and I especially loved the embossed polka dots. The color was unlike anything I have in my closet.  I also really liked the way it draped when wrapped. So, I had it measured and took it home. The best part of this “fashion find” is the price: $3.24! Pretty awesome, right? No need to spend too much cash on this project. Continue reading for the rest of DIY.  Continue reading


Red Sedona

Ladies at Resort

(Wearing my trusted distressed Levi’s, silk Kenneth Cole tank, H&M scarf, and Michael Kors belt purse–my favorite accessory when traveling.)

My good friend Nadine Velazquez and I decided to take a trip to Sedona, AZ a couple of weeks ago after talking about it for almost 2 years. She took a break from her role as Deputy D.A. Emma Rios in the TNT show Major Crimes and I was eager to spend time with my friend! I really can’t tell you how amazing this place is. We enjoyed relaxing and especially loved hiking around this magical place.

West Fork trail

One of our hike destinations was the West Fork Trail. The trail is about 3 miles long with lush green vegetation, the West Fork Creek, and magnificent red sandstone cliffs that repeatedly left us in awe. It will take you several hours to hike the entire distance since the round trip is about 6 miles long. Continue reading

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