Scarf Yourself DIY!

No secret… I like scarves. From silky and colorful to bulky and monochromatic, I have them all. They can easily dress up a simple outfit or give you an pop of color. They keep you warm on a cold day. The greatest thing is that there are not rules to scarves. Including making your own! Here’s a little Scarf DIY idea you can easily do.


STEP 1: Go to the fabric store and pick a cool fabric. One morning last week I had a few extra minutes before going to work so I stopped at a fabric store on my way to the RTM studio. I thought that I could make a new scarf if I found a cool roll of fabric.

Fabril Rolls

I didn’t find anything that I liked and, feeling defeated, I headed straight for the door. Just then, as I walked down the isle leading to the door I noticed a pile of remnants and… BINGO!


Right on top was a light blue remnant. The texture was very silky and I especially loved the embossed polka dots. The color was unlike anything I have in my closet.  I also really liked the way it draped when wrapped. So, I had it measured and took it home. The best part of this “fashion find” is the price: $3.24! Pretty awesome, right? No need to spend too much cash on this project. Continue reading for the rest of DIY. 


STEP 2: Make it your own & don’t worry about sowing the ends. That will give it really cool looking frayed edges.  Don’t be afraid to cut it with scissors into an asymmetrical shape. I did cut some pieces off that I didn’t like. *Make sure to wash the material according to instructions and then iron it if necessary.


STEP 3: Wear it! I ended up wearing my new scarf on today’s RightThisMinute and I think it looks pretty good on camera.

On RTM Set

On Set

Photobombed! Meet Joey, Sam (pictured above) & Jake (pictured below w/ Joey), our camera guys.  Not only do they photobomb my pictures they also make me laugh! And, today they even complimented my new scarf. I really love these guys.

Joey and Jake

I wore my scarf over a gray sweater with cutout shoulders, my favorite Levi’s jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, and confidence. Meaning: don’t think about it… just do it!

On Set

#VeraSwag TIP: Don’t buy clothes, shoes, or accessories that look similar to something you already own. It will keep your wardrobe interesting!


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